Life as we know it

Mon, 10/14/2013 - 21:56 -- brirox6

Why.. why do we live in world full of challenges? Waking up in the morning is a struggle. If only I lived in the world of Harry Potter so I wouldn't be a muggle. The hustle of getting ready and eating breakfast  oh.. did I forget to tell you sometimes I don't even have time for that no matter what time I wake. I don't know how much longer this will take. School is a struggle for all of us. We have our weak subjects and we have our strong subjects. Sometimes school can be a wreck. But we have to prepare ourselves for the test. My nights are long because of the amounts of homework i receive everyday. We all wish we could sleep and relax as we may. But temptation is a distraction, a weakness that builds inside of us. Some are good and others are bad. Some might even get us mad. We all don't live perfect lives. Some of us stand against the pain of bullies. Bullies are those who don't find perfection in us. But they never know one thing, that there is never perfection in all of us. We are all different, we think different, we live different and we act different, but that gives them no right to harm and effect the lives of others. We all wish that we can get comfort and take our mothers wherever we go. We should always reach high and never go low. Positive attitude is the way to survive in school. Period after period, bell after bell I hope that all ends well. The day is coming to end, time to hit the track is where i run. Communicating with my teammates is where I have my fun. The day has ended.. homework is completed four hours later I hit the shower and get into my Pjs and lay in bed. I close my eyes ready for my slumber. Another day tomorrow.. oh what a bummer.


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