All because of a slip

A fall

A simple miscalucation of my feet and my world came tumbling down

As I lay there on the ground

Once again I became

That Girl


The same girl from all those years ago




All of the things came just like before

But this time it was my body that said no more

All cuz I fell


But if you think about it I could never really stand that well

All because you made me think that I was broken 

That I was the one that was weak


But if you think about it you were right

Because my future started to get less bright

I started to believe you about my injury


So I tried to forget about you and the past

And I finally started to smile at last

So I started to feel better


But no one told me telling you was apart of the deal but I guess I had to

All because we could never really pay for stuff without you

So when I told you, you looked at me pitifully in the eyes

The same ones that always made me cry


You told me my career was over

And you made me feel even lower

But I held my ground

So all I had to do was not make a sound

You started to ask me all these questions like you really care

But all of these questions were too much for me to bare


The same voices that haunted my past came flooding back

You blamed me for so many things that I am starting to lose track

But yet you still blame me for the way for son died

And you act like you are the only one that cried

So again you made me that girl

You stomped on my pride 

And everything else that I had inside


And I'm tired

Tired of being that girl

The same you broke

The same girl that you always looked at as a joke


So yes. I guess you could call me that girl


But how dare you criticize me

Just look at what type of father you turned out to be

But that is none of my business

I'm gonna sit here and be the same broke girl you always thought I would be

Why can't you just let me be

Because it's clear that you never wanted me


But I'm strong

It won't take that long

So please get out of my way

Because you and I both know you will never stay


All because you made me that girl


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My family
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