Nine Lives

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 19:47 -- KerienW

Weak bones
Curled toes
Soft cries
Nine lives
Was her only wish

She knew not if she would be born again
For she felt like her very existence was that of sin
Little girl so young and broken
Feeling like a bronze token
Dreaming of being silver
Sight too short to believe
Gold or platinum could be delivered

Ripped nails
Hollow shell
Scarred thighs
Nine lives
Lived too soon

From dusk to dawn she sat reminiscing
Thought things would be better if she were dead or missing
Praying for love in all the wrong places
Spiting her hate at all the wrong faces

Sunrise came like a mighty tide
No longer could the sadness hide
Barefoot and ruddy walking to the kitchen
Begging the world for someone to listen

Knife in hand
Last stand
Bloody wrist
Clamped fist
Dead eyes
Nine lives
All gone now

Nine attempts it took her
Nine times too many
Each time taking away
A life once lived
A smile once shed
A love once given
And now she’s dead

Crying mother
Lost brother
Angry father
Laugh harder
School girls
Dying world
Gray skies
Nine lives

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soo true the time and thought on this poem is .................wordless


Wow this poem is amazing. It is so emotional and I love how much feeling it shows. I also like how you use the term of nine lives because I think most people at one time wish for a different life. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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