Tue, 07/24/2018 - 09:43 -- Phayve

I miss those mornings where everyone is called out for breakfast
I miss those noons, where you're exhausted from school, work
And you're forced to take a nap
I miss those evenings where the power is on
You're done with your chores and then you watch TV

Those awkward family gatherings that gets you worked up
Cuz u know you've messed up
Those awesome family outings that cracks your rib
Cuz your annoying aunt is on heels and you're certain she'll slip

That particular moment when Dad gives you the look
Next thing you know, you're in search of a book
That you don't even know the title
Or those Saturdays where you're out visiting friends
I mean, that was the trend
Who knew they'll ever end

Now everyone's so busy
We can't reply a "Hello" on our DM
We're so occupied, such agony
How did we ever decide to push life aside

Everyone's trying to meet up
Portraying something they're not
Cuz we let Pride and ambition take over
Or cuz, we're now on a magazine's cover

What happened to stopping by
At a friend's house to just to say "Hello"
Or putting a smile on a face
You've never seen or known
The world is changing fast
I do agree, but how long will it last

The Pride, The Lies, and those Fake Smiles
How does it excite us treating some one we know like a perfect stranger
What if it turns around and you're no longer cool
Then those friends and memories you dumped in the trash
Starts welling up in your head, and you feel you might crash

Don't get me wrong
Making new friends is so amazing
But there are friends we know we're missing
And somehow, we feel they're too low for us now
So because of that
We don't only feel fly, we're levitation
We feel embarrassed talking to them
Maybe cuz of their situation

How about we put Ego under our feet
And walk around with our folks
Gisting on the street
How about we
Take out sometime to go behind the scene
To see the memories that gives us ecstasy

It's better late than never
I trust you know what to do
I know you're clever
So start now!!
Keep the memories alive, they'll make you laugh

Life is what you make it

So it'll be best if you make

The best of every minute.

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