Press Play


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Holding the thick black tape recorder
your life is at your hands.
With the ability to move forward but the rewind button contains broken bands.
This apparatus is yours to keep.
To stop, play and go forward
but when the world around you becomes a violent never ending
it becomes a dark room, to the blind.

People are afraid to rise above the rest
We wait for the brave kind to break the silence
But when that one person is not around
We walk with our heads down
that we
are not

You scream louder than your heart beats.
Louder than a the bang of a bass drum.
Trying to say stop no more, this has to end.
But the world continues to rotate.
Hours daylight roll on like a ticking clock.
..tick tock

And the paint continues to stay still on the window pain.

Press pause to a time someone was left beat
Press pause to a time someone fell to their feet
Press pause to the boys and girls who never got to live their dreams

When are we going to learn
that this life we live is not a perfect shape kaleidoscopic
that our decisions bounce around like a ball on repeat
that a cry for help is not a silent peep

yet we sit here
feeding new born babies fresh bottles of despise
Extract the fine pure genes and filling corrupting young teenage minds
Leaving nothing but the vicious malicious society that is our kind

and so,
we claim
to have our own voice inside
A voice that climbs to the tip of escape but instead is kept back for keeps sake

I am tired of seeing this silence bleed a puddle of black
I am tired of weeping and wiping the tears that we hold back
I am tired of the chances that no one seems to attack

(fast) we burn bridges and instead build misfortune
Tell me who taught us how to hate

and behold a view that “we” create
Deceitful pitiful poor vile crude discourteous slothful fools
each and every one of us is to blame for not speaking up above the darkened grey

So let this be a break though thought in your brain
That beyond the walls of “us” lys a hero that can make a change
and that one seed is really all it takes.

to rise above the rest
and influence the just and not the injustice
to say what you mean and mean what you say

and let your voice be heard

cause today is the day we press play.


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