Handfuls of hair tugged tight,
Kids crying out in fright,
Do they know this is why people cry at night?
People thinking they are always in the right,
Slowly extinguishing others' light,
Try as they might,
The same force is dimming their own light,
And sending their prey into flight.
But, do they care in the slight?
No. They find the situation trite.


All people hear is that you are sad.
You bring it up, they become mad,
How will you even feel glad?
Everything you had,
Slowly going bad,
Sorta like the newest fad.


You run as fast as you can.
You stop, but your eyes continue to scan.
They stop and rest upon a single woman.


You look down and see a white flag.
You pick it up and give it a wag.


She nods, understanding, she holds up her own.
The color, so red, chills you to the bone.
That's when it is finally known,
You are forever on your own.


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