Why is it Worth it?

The pain you cause her, is it worth it?

You don't know her, her life, her story or her thoughts. 

Why is it so fun to cause her pain?

What if she goes home and get the same tourment?

What if she cries herself to sleep wishing to leave this hell?

What if it was you?

What if they picked on you?

What if your athleticism was weird?

Your clear face, disgusting?

What would you do everyday?

Try to ignore them.

Try to be more like them.

Wish, beg, plead for it all to end.

But they don't stop. 

So you put it to the end. 


Why is it worth it?

Families lay there in sorrow.

Contemplating what they could have done.

There is nothing.

Only you to stop before it was too late.

Why is it worth it? 

Families packing boxes, wiping up tears, trying to figure out why.

You are why because you couldn't stop.

So tell me dear reader, why is it worth it?

This happens to people everyday yet, you still push.

It could always be you.



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