A feeling

See it all began with a feeling a feeling of emptiness of loneliness and numbness a feeling we felt we could conquer we could beat but we couldn't it took over our lives like Rome did to Europe and just like Rome it came crumbling down. You see when your story is written on your arm it gets hard to read jumbled and confusing you forget why you wrote it and only want it gone but when your blade is Caesar how do you revolt if you're not Brutus so you make more cuts and end up with scars that shouldn't be there cause we were once beautiful until we attacked but it's too late now we can't really go back no cause if we could we'd go back to that feeling and crush it early and like Rocky we would fight to persevere but this isn't a movie this is real life so instead we cower in long sleeves and cry hiding our pain from the world but showing our souls the hottest flames of hell which we may enter ourselves and not that we wish to die but that in the end who makes it out of life alive anyways


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