The Bullied

If I jumped they wouldn't miss me

All they did during my time was diss me

Love would come and kiss my dear cheek

Then it’d be love to turn back around and say it wasn't for me

I was a mistake

I was a bug on the windshield of life


I’d only pray for the Lord to take me away

I didn't care if i burned as long as I was gone

I’d be doing the whole world a favor

Mistreated by all my body would fall


Sink into the melted ice my body fell

This the end of it all

Last thoughts I had were of this girl

How she called me a name that started it all

Taunt me and more the students did


Now my body lingers dead

Though my soul was now alive

I was free

And I was right

When the teacher told them all of my sinking fate

Shrugs only happened then they went off and played

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