Not a Nobody


Not a Nobody


This story rings true

To me and you

A story of a kid

Who thought he knew

That he was a nobody- like a shoe


There are always those bullies who tease

And make fun of you when you sneeze

They laugh and call you a freak

And life looks kind of bleak


You work hard at school

And still, you’re called a fool

Because what you like is weird

Those kids won’t hesitate to jeer


But when you know the truth

You smile at those youth


I’m not a nobody or a freak

I’m not feeble, I’m not weak

I’m just unique


There comes a time in life

When you learn that all that strife

Is the pain that makes you strong

Even though it’s really wrong


I’m not stupid or a nobody

I’m not an accident or a tragedy

I’m who I was made to be

Like it or not, I’m me

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