A Happy Life

We are an ungrateful species
I am an ungrateful person
How many of us have cried
but for the pity of ourselves, and not for others
Some of us have excuses, as most of us do
I have excuses, as I always do
We cry, "I have been one acquainted with the night."
says the Frost on my window
Then the other side of me says, "Have you really?"
because even when your at your lowest and the only thing that can comfort you is the thought of a razor blade and a bath tub full of luke warm water
Even when you are that low, there is ALWAYS
Always... always
someone out there who has it much lower than you do
Do me and do yourselves a favor

Next time you think about this..
Think about the girl who is too insecure to step out of her own front door...
Think about the boy who "killed" his parents in a car crash and thinks the only way to repent is to jump...
Think about the little baby in a cardboard box stuck in a dumpster who stops crying because their little lungs can't take it anymore
who tries to be found
so it can try to live a little longer than what it's restricted to right now
Think about this baby who couldn't make the decision to die by himself because someone else made it for him
Next time you cry... look at the person next to you and cry for them
For the boy who isn't at one with himself yet to realize that someone out there loves him
For the girl who was touched... under her own roof... for five long years... and never said a word
For the girl who hated herself because she couldn't stand being hated by others
and she wanted nothing more than to please others
so she tried
and instead she cried
For the sibling that could lose another part of themselves because of an unsolvable disease

These people walk among us sometimes
You can tell who they are because they cringe in their seats as these words flow out of my mouth...
so next time you cry... Think about the clothes on your back
and the breakfast you chose to eat this morning
and think about my sibling who couldn't live because her heart couldn't tick tick tick... and for the sibling that could lose another part of themselves because of an unsolvable disease
I'll tell you... this what goes through my mind
when I cry

I think about these marvelous people who somehow remain happy and I cry for them because they are too busy living the life we've all wanted to live for so long...
a happy one...


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