Seeing the beauty of life is only attainable by freeing yourself of negative energy:


Golden gates of bridges divine cross your thoughts and opinions,

Full of dominions telling you to dominate your own fears,

Yet cheers of the illustrious, scandalous and exasperated cuss

That they are notorious for constantly putting people down.


The surround-sound gleaming, small city of Confucius,

Matters and ways of believing; yet constantly being told you are useless.

The beauty of detriments, the best revenge is success,

For all repugnance comes detest, for all reflections will manifest.


The first opera to sing blues of Octavian princesses on Moscow Radio,

While Icelandic queens tell me I have as much potential as I make of it.

Front stage and they are making hits, while I still question my own happiness,

No sappiness of guilt trapping will condescend me to modern scrappiness.


So I traveled upon the road not taken, and forsaken my past for all my sins,

All my personal violations and from distilled memories within.

My naivety and evil grins turned to adulthood and frowns of failure,

Wicked men caste upon my name to destroy my promotion of peace.


Through service learning and observation, AP courses and recklessness,

Finding myself in disadvantages because my ambiance is coated in pessimism.

Devastating my own records, my mental prism grew tired,

My bones grew brittle, and my attire became morbid.


To cut off the demons haunting my every move was more difficult than expected,

To retrospect on this life lesson, never let your opposing shadows follow you.

Take a fresh stance to better yourself and your community,

Cut off all the gluttony ceasing your innovation with desolation.


I have been through fairly enough, but I do not like to dwell on such details,

To be frail and hallow then turn into a local hero is a bit much to swallow.

A charity organizer, a poet, and a speaker of generations of respectful synergy,

Seeing the beauty of life is only attainable by freeing yourself of negative energy.

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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A poem about self-betterment through poetry, education, and success. In order to find general happiness, you must surrouund yourself by those who love and respect you without constant pessimism, along with finding hobbies, and determination to morph yourself into who you desire.

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