Sat, 02/15/2014 - 13:52 -- Unique


Bullying is for those who have no

life, who torment the weak and put

hell in their life.

They hit you with sticks and stones

that break your bones and with words

that hurt your soul.

Bullies don't care for your tears

but rather enjoy your pain and


The innocent try to speak out

but their voices are never heard for 

fear of what will happen.

Bullies keep pushing your buttons

until you break and you are forced to do

the unexpected that brings grief and heart ache.

The innocent take a leap of faith in hopes to escape

but sadly they'll commit something in which they will

seal their fate and never wake.

The bells toll for the loss of the boy or girl that has

taken their own life.....The mother cries on this dark

grey day for her child.

 She says in a low voice "Why my child? Why did this have to be your fate?

When will this torment end and when will we as people awake?"


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