There’s a point in my life where I can look back.

And look forward.

But I’m caught in the present.

How can one feel?

With “friends” who lie,

Who don’t care

Who just want to see you fall,

When you haven’t even risen?

Or when someone could trust,

One who walks all over them.

Look through my eyes, and tell me what I don’t see.

Let my reflection break and climb through.

Let me connect.

Don’t role your eyes.

Dare to say something.

No one reached for me when I was falling.

I had to climb.

I don’t play games.

I’m above that.

Nothing makes you look better,

When you stare me in my eyes.




If this is your version of reality,

Then you’re alone.

Although I may be,

I fell and got back up.

I didn’t push

And I didn't jump.


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