Wed, 04/10/2013 - 20:58 -- alhiya


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There's a drepresion going through the sins every thing i flow these words are true theses sins that we see and not only commit we have to stop but how can we stop what we most deeply love.We are judged like the pages in our books we are ripped and turned as much as we see we are judged by are shapes, sizes and looks.But as i look in the world i see we can turn and twist as we can change but take a deeper look what have we changed,everybody see's what we have lost but never what we have gained.I call myself UNKOWN because everyday I go wash my face an brush my teeth, I'm un-familar with the object i see in the mirror but everyday i wonder so do i ever see what you see or is it just a front only to be judged minutes later by the one who commits the most sins i see ...


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