Me, myself, and I, a guise.

Her, him, they, and we, a guise.


Influence plagues the mind.

Primitive purity heavily veiled by a guise.


Opinions and pressures spread.

Smearing and smudging the eyes concocting a guise.


Desolate and vanishing is the sole genuine mind.

The self-conflicting struggle ended by a guise.


Yet, let there be light said He.

For it is only the exterior that is masked by a guise.


Untouched and true are the heart and soul.

Both competent for the crusade of defacing a guise.


Triumph arrives with the two hand in hand.

Music to all ears are the cries of a guise.


Sixteen years, and revelation is present.

Yet me, myself, and I remain a guise. 

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