The girl, her story


Everyone hurries with smiles and laughs;
but the girl just passes so solemn.
One day after the other the kids seem happier;
but the girl just remains the same.
Parties, friends, make up and more;
but the girl just doesn't want to.

There is a world outside that lonely room;
but the girl was just stuck inside.
So many awards and achievements they all seem to get;
but the girl just stays there crying.
At the bottom they say, it can only go up;
but the girl just can't see that happen.

Too soon the world moves on without her;
but the girl is too afraid to join.
She sees them all so happy;
but the girl just watches with envy.
As time seems to pass the world seems lighter;
but the girl just is too timid.

They are all pushing her to try;
but the girl doesn't want to get better.
Society says what she's doing is wrong;
but the girl does not know what is right.
Only so much can be done until she finally crashes;
but the girl must just wait and see.

Once that time finally comes;
the girl is ready to fix it.
All the support is around her;
and the girl finally sees.
Her time to be happy is now;
and the girl is so much better.


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