If they just knew


..If they just knew that it is all just a play..Ha i cant believe people can fall for a fake face so easily ..Fake smiles ..Fake laughs ..If they just knew how my life really is ..If they just knew how my past has been..If they knew how much I hate my past with all my strength..Because i never have been happy nor proud about my pastToo many people messed up my life PERMANENTLY..They ruined my childhood..I was NEVER a normal girl?Ever wondered why i was so afraid of men ..Yup..It is what you think..Kids would make fun of me cause i was the ugly girl..''The ''tomboy..My life, my world was turned upside down..Everyday was a struggle..One day i ate.. And who knew if there was going to be some food the next day..Drinking and getting high was my quick escape..But it came to the point things got out of control..That i decided to go against my life..No one tried to talk me out of it..It was just me, myself, and I all the time



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