Center Stage

Tue, 08/26/2014 - 21:52 -- davvrob


The worlds a stage and we are just mere actors, But the stage is too large, the lights to bright The audience won’t like us if we aren't just right Just the right amount of funny, pretty, smart, kind We panic under the pressure but it’s all just in our minds Or is it? In this day and age when everyone judge’s each other based on social media likes, Bases what they know about a person on if they attended the party last night But the show must go on and we must play our role But we hope it’s so miniscule no one will know When we mess up the lines, don’t say the right thing And if we fail we’ll hide in the wings And we don’t go on for our cues we miss the curtain call Because we’re hiding in the back away from it all To avoid the eyes, the judgment the glares, We hold our heads down to avoid the stares, We’re too scared to know what they think because we’re scared we’ll be right We’ll know they actually don’t like us at all And confirm our fears that we’re just a small Blemish on the face of beautiful perception And we’ll ruin the show, the entire production The audience will clap, until they get to you They’ll hiss and they’ll scream and maybe they’ll boo…. Everyone else will get flowers and an ovation And we will just dissipate into oblivion, No one will care but that’s fine with us, Because we know we’ll never measure up, We can never be the Cosmo girls, The boy next door, We’re just ordinary people with nothing great in store, Or so we think but we’ll never really know Because we’re all too afraid to show, The world what we have to offer so in the meantime we’ll stay Behind the curtain, and off the stage We’ll clap lovingly for the leads and pray our day will come When little miss nobody will be someone, Someone special and worthwhile and get out of her cage And get her ovation on center stage.


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