Teachers should be our friends.


We should look up to them, 

Envy them,

Respect them,

And most importantly we should listen to them.


What is so hard about that?


Those in class are terribly rude.

Their words are insulting.

Their gestures are crude.

That's the reason I am writing.


Students today are disgusting.


Why is it okay to make a teacher cry?

Do you feel accomplished?

Do you honestly think you're sly?

Don't even try to cover it with polish.


You should be disappointed in yourselves.


Not only is the teacher effected,

But the students are too.

Those who are actually there to learn,

We want to hit you with a freaking shoe.


So why don't you keep your stupid mouth shut. 

Let the teacher do her job.

Allow us to actually learn new things.

At least we'll be going somewhere with our lives.

The rest of you will grow up as slobs.


And apparently you're okay with that.


Not me though,

I'll be doing something with my life.


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