What the Loser Wants

Some of the kids would go silent when I walked by in the hall
Look at anything but me
Or sometimes they'd laugh at me
They knew
They'd call me a loser, a freak
Saying things about my mom
How she must've been ugly
Or how my own mother never wanted me
I don't have a mom
I never did
She left a long time ago
Pops told me it's my fault she's gone
She couldn't love something like me
A failed abortion
They're right about my mom
That's why I did what I did
To stop them from thinking about my miserable life
And end the torment
Of their words, so close to the truth
The voices taunting me
Hating me
Telling me I'm nothing
But they've stopped now
And that feels so good
That I don't mind the jacket
Or even the padded room


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well written piece

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