Lucas, The Warrior Against Negativity

Sat, 09/26/2015 - 14:06 -- LucasES

I am Lucas.

Yet people insist that I am someone named "Hannah",

Someone that is no longer me.

I am male.

Yet people insist that I am female

Because of this body I was born with, that I am continously labeled by,

That I am restricted by.

I am transgender.

Yet people insist that it is wrong to be such,

And they spit hateful names at me for being proud of my identity.

I am an artist.

Yet people insist that my greatest talent can only take me so far in life,

That I cannot create a "real job" from my passion.

I am a fanboy.

Yet people insist that I am wasting my time by watching these people,

Who I proudly call my heroes,

As they raise thousands of dollars for charities and bring smiles and entertainment to people

All around the world.

I am angry.

Yet people insist that I have no reason to be,

That I am "overreacting" or "too sensitive".

I am many things, and I will become many more.

But I refuse to allow myself to be dragged below my potential

Because of the negativity radiating from the naysayers around me.

Not anymore.

I am ready to achieve greatness.

I will use my talents and skills to be like my heroes

And I will bring smiles and entertainment to all sorts of people.

I will apply myself as much as possible

To use my art, my humor, my ideas, my passions,

To help those who are not strong enough to fight off the negativity alone.

I will be the Warrior Against Negativity that some people need

To help fight their demons.

I will protect those who need it,

To make up for the ever-growing number of those who we've lost to the demons, the negativity.

Even having the ability to save just one person

Will make me stronger, make me even more motivated.

I will grow tired of fighting every now and then, and I will become weaker.

It is inevitable, for I am still a human, a human with many emotions.

But even with fatigue, with weakness,

I will never stop fighting.

Because I know how much I've depended on Warriors in the past,

And I know how much it hurts, how difficult it can be,

To temporarily succumb to the negativity

And fall into despair.

I am Lucas, the Warrior Against Negativity,

And I will fight for you.

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Our world
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