Dear Future Lover

Dear future lover,

I am not easy to love.

I am unworthy. I will shower you in affection and yet feel as though I do not deserve yours

I am destructive. I will cry and scream and call myself horrible names because something, everything, is all my fault.

I am worried. I live each day feeling as though one day you will be gone, left for a girl easier to love.

I am irritating. I will talk and talk and talk about whatever it is I'm interested in and just hope that you share my enthusiasm.

I am fragile. My heart is easily broken, and I've lost the instructions for how to reassemble it.

I am angry. The world has not been kind to me, and it's left me bitter and rough around the edges.

But despite these faults, I can promise you my undying devotion.

I offer my heart, though it is cracked and full of sorrow.

I offer my hand, though it is scarred and calloused.

I offer my mind, though it is scattered and full of silly ideas.

I offer my soul, though it is weary and battered.

And I hope, when we meet, that you will treasure me, as I will treasure you.

With love,

Your future wife.

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