Zero Intervention


There it goes again.

Another fist to their jaws,

Another bomb to their world

That you promised was bombsheltered.

They’re sick and tired

Of being tired and sick.

Yet you’ve done nothing

Except remind them of written work

And tests

That if they fail,

You’ll get less of

From your paycheck.

For once, forget your wants!

Forget your money

And your hair,

Your coffee,

And dare to look at them.

Straight in the eyes.

Look at the kids that are bleeding in front of you.

Forget your wants for one second

And help the ones getting bullied

Help them, the victims of your ignorance

And of the chained fists

That crash into their worlds.

That you swore were bombsheltered.

Watch their worlds crumble.

You swore they were bombsheltered.


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