The Truth About You


You hide yourself from everyone else
Because there's a monster inside.
He can't be controlled by anyone, not even you
But you talk a good talk and lie about the truth.

Anger is the only thing that can show the ugly truth.
The green eyed monster inevitably gets loose.
But you've stayed calm for this long
Although your intentions are wrong.

Emotionally manipulating me is its tatic
And I wish that it didn't work.
I tried to be happy so you know it wasnt bothering me
But I guess I can pretend better than I know.

What ever happened to our relationship?
We loved each other but now this is it.
We're like metal in the rain, we only rust.
I guess it was never love, only lust.

Our song started playing on the speakers
And I just wanted to escape.
After all this mental torture, I had enough
But that's not where it ends I still didn't learn the truth.

Your demon came out to attack me.
A seemingly accidental push and you flee.
Was it an accident or on purpose?
I knew the answer, I just didn't want to believe it.

You looked me right in the eyes
and still lied straight to my face.
Your apologies dont mean anything
Because I know that you're not sorry.

That's when I knew the truth about you.
It's heartbreaking and painful, I wished it wasn't true.
Jealousy showed a side of you that I never knew.
And now I never want to be near you.

The heartbreaking truth of you.

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