Bully Me Not


Perpetual darkness was all I seeked

It was all I knew

Ugly hurt shaped my heart

And sadness filled my core

My insides so full of pain

I didn’t think I could take another stain

Another drop and I’d be gone

Crying till I was numb

I’d rather feel nothing at all

Just when I thought I wanted nothing more to do with place

You came strolling a pace



A soul so impure with rust after taste

 Sparking tender skin, it wasn’t beauty

You pierced me such an awful feeling

You fixed me not


Haunted my dreams

Followed me like a shadow during the day

You took my breath away

A punch to the gut

Spit on me like I’m muck

You filthy whore

I do not desire anything more



There was a flame inside my heart

Barricaded by the fear if I released it, I might hurt more

Heart strings weak from abuse

Destroyed from the inside out from you

You, you, you

You disgusting person




I know you have damage goods too

You’re just the selfish one who took it out on everyone

I had love to give

It is no more

My bones shiver and quiver

Bruises are turning a blooming purple

A bully, sick like poison

You’re aren’t worth half the battle

Find a new toy




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