Forgive me (Song verse i wrote)


United States
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As I sit behind these tears of a clown
you expect a different perspective, psychiatrist playing detective
years i've been drowned, yet nobodies around
they say they've got a respective, but you just some actors and actresses
for so long i've been grounded and yet i'm astounded
to spitting the hardest adjectives you can ever hear!
Go head sucker, try to pull the trigger I'll strike you in fear.
I'm predictive towards these rhymes, like i'm addicted to spitting these lines
forward the baddest bars, hitting this world like an avalanche
bumping heads without sence as if you were retards
I'm advanced and filled with anger inside of me
i'm through with this ride
get a knife and commit suicide as you cry?
Just remember i wasn't the first to say goodbye
let this lullaby through the nights that you slit your wrist from the wrath inside
shamed from your pride
taken and broken
breaking these words leave me choking
and what's worst is the people you loved?
Deceive you! provoking you to commit these crimes
you hadn't had in your mind.

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Wow this is really good. I'm a songwriter as well and I love the amount of raw emotion that you put in this song verse. Very expressive. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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