Mask of "protection"

Not really, It is my mask of meaniness 

It is always on. (In school mostly) 

I have it on for protection 

For a reason of deep resentment

If people saw a different mask on

Oh! Here comes the trouble. 

This mask formed involuntarily years ago 

I got bullied for two years 

All because of my real mask 


Thanks bully, now a mask of anger overshadows the weak

That mask of sympathy is faded to oblivion 

Not even a trace is left 

I am not letting anyone get past this mask of "protection" 

That anger mask protects me 

Protects me from all the hate 

All the name calling 

All the punches 

All the kicks 

It doesn't even hurt anymore 

Those fit perfectly with the mask. 

The mask telles me to not let my guard down 

It looks "happy" so people can be mislead 

I like it! 

Nobody is getting past this curtain 

I was hurting 

And this mask was crystallize 


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