Dear He who shall not be named

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 13:14 -- ovela

Don't pretend to sympathize when we can see the greed in your eyes.

You say one thing, turn around and say another.

All you speak is lies.

A child constantly arguing who is right he's never wrong.

Never owning his mistakes always singing another song.

Blaming, shaming, always intimidating. 

I'd be scared too if a real life cheeto puff was trying to threaten to me.

You obviously have stayed so high up in your Apprentice sky.

Never coming down

up there looking like a clown.

Refusing to put on the shoes of another persons feet.

In the safety of your tanning bed

You just yell "OFF WITH THEIR HEAD!"

No time, it's show time, you'll never see inside someone else's head.

You have better things to do then walk around in those dirty old shoes.

Those shoes that spend hours all day, slaving away in the hot beating sun

picking lettuce for you and your son.

Picking field after field for their family who barely has none.

You won't wear those shoes that have been taking care of the house all day

no time for play, working for pay, all by herself, only her babies to help her stay awake.

All out of love people work for one another, pushing themselves,

they've got to keep their nose to the ground so that their kids willl have a better future.

So they will know what hard work does.

And you rather stay up there so comfortable not looking down.

And you're supposed to be the president??

You ridiculous fool

stop being such a tool

Open up your heart

Open up your mind

see what it takes to keep that nose to the grind

without lying, cheating, or putting someone down.

I pray one day someone will turn this all around.

Our world won't be flipped upside down.

That the Earth can take a deep breath.

Every person won't feel torn.

Equals we all can be.

No judgment just free liberty.

How it's supposed to be.

For all people not just you and the people you think are like you.

No walls, no fences, just bridges and pure human connections

No bans, no hate, only love served on a plate.

Don't let him tear you down because he doesn't deserve that crown.

Stand up and fight back 

We've been doing it for years 

whats just one more?

Whether you've got riches or are poor 

we've got to stand and say NO MORE!

Together is the only way.

Open your hearts and pave the way.




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