I'm sure you noticed

I'm sure you noticed

The day you turned 63

You received birthday wishes from several

But you did not receive one from me


It was intentional

And I have no regrets

Frankly when it comes to your birthdays

I get dread


I tire of pretending

That you deserve a birthday wish

And after going against my feelings for 12 years

I can no longer bring myself to do it


I don't give birthday wishes to bullies

Especially when they're nonrepentant


And utterly codependent


And Father's Days

Make me want to puke

Because I remember you barely did the minimum

But of course mother would give you an excuse


Because she is so addled

Because she is in a cult

After 18 years of brainwash

That is the expected result


In your quest to relive your adolescence

You helped to ruin mine

And I tire of pretending 

That everything is fine


You tore me down when I had achievements

You tried to make me more like you

You repeately poked me in my bellybutton even when you knew I didn't want that

Because you could and wanted to


I wish you had not became a father

I wish you hadn't given me your seed

Because you were practically the black Andrew Tate

Without the legal history




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My family


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