Who will care when the world ends?
Will it be you or any of your friends?
What if the world ended today?
Would you be happy with how it ends?

Well take a look at the boy in the corner.
He's been crying for days because he's been bullied for years
He's crying today because nobody cared
Nobody helped him face his fears
He would be happy if the world ends.

Now look at the mom all alone on the floor
Passed out from drinking the night before.
Her son is the one crying in the corner
Crying for help for himself and for her.
She wouldn't care if the world ends.

Now look at the friend who stands over the boy
Tries to help but no avail
This friend is depressed because she's failed
But she tried so hard to defend
She doesn't want the world to end.

So who are you?
Who will you be when the world ends?
Instead of spending all your time on hurt words and broken lies maybe TRY to make amends.
Because maybe you're the reason someone wants their world to end.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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