Every Day

I looked on in horror as everything seemed to happen in slow motion
I wanted to help, to cry out and tell her that she needed to fight
They were shoving her around, rough as a stormy ocean
But I could say nothing, my words would not come, my lips were sealed tight

I mentally screamed and kicked, I had to help her stop the hurt
I froze as realization dawned on me, the reason I couldn’t help became clear
I mentally slapped myself, trying to pick myself up off the curb
As they walked away I came back to reality, and shook as my cheek was wet by a tear

Why do they do it? Day after day...
Because I’m different? That’s why.
I hear all kinds of taunts and bear all kinds of pain that just won’t go away
My eyes are wet, the tears they fall, every night to sleep I cry

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