You're to Blame

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 01:23 -- hborden

If a child throws a fit in the store, 

If a man drinks, drives, and wrecks, 

If the rainforests are being depleted, 

                                                         Who's to blame?


If a man falls and no one helps, 

If one shoots another,

If a teen fails a class, 

                                                        Who's to blame?



                                      because of bullying,

If a girl commits suicide,                                   who is to blame?

                                   because of the abuse he grew up with,

If a boy shoots heroin,                                       who is to blame?



If society lets it happen.

If society takes no action.

If we all wait for someone else to begin.


Will it change?


Will it matter?


Will it remain a tragedy?



And who's to blame?


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