Depression ( A look from the inside )


Depression is a disease that sucks the blood from your veins Leaving a corpse to roam that has forgotten its name Emotionless eyes show a soul that's holding in pain Walking a path down a road just searching for a end The next bus could be their exit from a world filled with sin They'll fake laughter and smiles just to hide the pain And they'll go home later just to grab that knife and put it to their veins That trail of blood is the only happiness they see Because when it iends they know their life will cease and the pain will be gone No more doubts to cross their mind or cover their eyes But you, you're the friend that they need at this time To carry their pain and walk them through the fire Your life is theirs and their life is yours How can you be blind when they've opened the doors? To their mind and their soul that screams for help If you walk away now they'll feel alone They'll lose that thing that kept them here Your friendship, those good times you've shared are what kept them from ending their life They have you there. you're the cure for this disease No doctors note or prescription needed to bring them to their knees And watch them cry to feel the pain in their life, some of the darkest secrets are hidden in the light The choice is yours to run away or to stay nd become an important voice A voice that can play a part in someones life Because it just takes one friend, one friend to help them put down the knife

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