Tip, Tap, sharp pebbles fly
blistering as they hit;
slices that never heal, incurable.

Severed from reality,
a shun full of force.

"A joke"

A ruined reputation:
no one's best friend.
If only they knew.

Slap, crack, pain
don't let the tears fall.

"Cry Baby"
"Go home to Mommy and Daddy!"

A film of the mind,
stuck on repeat.

One day,
They go too far:

"Go Die in a hole"

If only they knew
how deep you already were.

They'll see.
This pain will end.
When you hurt them,
like they have you.

As they go limp,
blood flowing from crippled corpses,
a bullet in every skull;

Hold the barrel to your temple
and fall
into the hole
they dug for you.

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