I Am By Myself

Wed, 12/11/2013 - 12:57 -- Sweere



I am reaching out to you

But you cannot or will not hear

Can’t you see that I am in need?

You look without seeing my tears


I am so lonesome. All by myself

No one to care, no friends in sight

I reflect and wonder why I am teased

Am I so different?  What is my plight?


Bullying, teasing, you cannot stop

You do not try or reason why

People like to attack others

Through truth or lies


Why am I here, still alive

With no one to care

Will I ever have a friend?

This is my true prayer


High school is not the dream I once dreamed

It’s a curse, a hateful place

I dread school daily as I face my foes

I put on a smile, my fake face.


No teacher, parent, or for that fact anyone

Can solve the problems in our school

Drugs, parties, and alcohol are all crutches

Yet I haven’t been that kind of fool


I need the strength to go on

Be by myself, learn to live and love

There is no answer or anyone to care

But the one from above


I am by myself



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That was really moving. I loved it <3

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