The Fog

A shiny, new, bustling city.
Full of people.
Each with ideas.
Each with thoughts.
Each with emotions.

But then It starts.

"Get away from me, faggot!"
"So, you'll fuck anything? Even this tree?"
"Oh, can I identify as an attack helicopter then?"
"I'm not homophobic, but I don't believe in gays."


A small cloud of black fog slowly approaches over the horizon.

"A child can only be happy with a mother and a father."
"He won. Get over it."


It lands in a street.
It shrouds everything in an inky darkness.
They say those who walk in hear whispers.
Whispers that tell you terrible things.
Right now, though, it is small.

"There's only two genders."

It grows.

"That's fucking gay!"

It grows.

"How can you be a girl? You're a guy!"

It grows.

The fog has also consumed other cities.
Full of people we called our friends.
Their cries for help echo throughout the land,
Only to be heard by another city
Not yet past the point of no return.

"I just cut, I need you."
"Three seconds in, four seconds out."
"She just swallowed a shit ton of pills, call 911."


But soon, the entire city is covered.
There is no escape.
The inhabitants have grown pessimistic and accepted their horrible fate.
Soon believing the words the fog whispers themselves.

"You're not good enough."
"It'll never get better."
"No one likes you."
"No one cares."


The barrage continues.
Poisoning the ears of those who listen.

"You'll never be a real girl."
"There's no one out there for you."
"Why aren't you perfect like the rest of us?"
"You don't matter."


The local government doesn't listen.
They do nothing to disperse the fog.
Instead, they only make the fog larger.

"We're concerned for you."
"You're being bullied? Why?"
"Don't worry about your friends. It's just girl drama."


Their lies only fuel the pain the city experiences daily.

The city's founders attempt to save their home.
But their words sound just like the fog.

"It's just a phase."
"If you pray to God, you'll receive the help you need."
"We cannot trust you."
"I don't want you labeling yourself."


Lies. Lies. Lies.

"You're too young to know!"
"You're my little boy!"
"Why do you hate us? We do a lot for you, like buy stuff for you!"
"Those friends of yours... they're not 'positive.'"
"We thought our love would heal you."



The city cannot be saved.
The citizens cannot be saved.
I cannot be saved.
I am lost.
I am dead.
I do not deserve love.

It's too late.
The fog has consumed me, as well.

I am the fog.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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