He's too thin.

She's too fat.

Not good enough.

These are words that define what society says nowadays.

People judge one another.


Anorexia, bullemia, depression.

These words are just some of the words that are true to others because of society's screwed up idea of what "perfect" is.

But do they really have any idea about what those words mean to some people?

No. Of coarse not.

People really should stop and think about what they say for they never know if somebody in the room, or even the person they are talking to, will be offended by that word.


You see that girl over there?

The one you just called fat?

I bet that you didn't know that she makes herself throw up every night just so,

when she steps on the scale,

to see that she lost one pound.


That boy right next to you?

The one you tease everyday about being "too skinny"?

He goes home everyday to an empty refrigerator because

his parents are barely scraping by with their double jobs.


People need to stop judging each other,

for the words that they say,

might offend other people.


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