I used to know a

I used to know a kid when I was younger. He had blonde hair and brown eyes and was a bit small

but, he always put on a brave face. I used to think he was annoying until I befriended him. 

He was a nice kid with a nice personality and we soon grew on each other. I sat next to him in class 

for three years and we both were in band, and we both played the Saxophone. 

In our 8th grade year I was sad to see him leave our friendship changed lives and everything was 

going well until one day....

I stepped onto the school campus and was excited to start the day but for some reason everybody

was solemn I didn't understand why. So I asked my band teacher why was everybody so down and 

he looked at me with sad eyes and said Nick commited suicide. 

At first I thought it was a joke but he was serious and the whole thing that ran through my mind was 

that my best friend had died.

I cried all day, I couldn't even force myself to even go to his funeral I stayed with myself and by myself.

I later on found out he was bullied by his older brother who could have cared less whether he died or not

and some kids on his block. 

Every time I get the chance I would think...

what would have happened if he was alive today

what would he have made for himself

what could have happened if someone knew 

bullying cost my friend's life and cost many others their lives. 

Despite the circumstance we shouldn't talk about others and bring others down for our pleasure

because they very well could have low self-esteem and hurt themselves and the people who love them 

this is a true story and I wanted to share it with you guys for this reason. 

R.I.P Nick Hoover 

my best friend


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