We Are All Beautiful Butterflies


In school we get through the names that try to drag us down,

That try to hurt us, to define us, to limit our potential. 

We let them be the weight that ties us down,

The noose that we strangle ourselves with,

The limit on our spirit that makes us feel like we can't be something more.


The names we get called make us feel like we can't become our dreams,

The dreams of being an astronaut on the moon,

The doctor in the hospital saving someones life,

The marine biologist deep in the sea. 


Instead we let those names hurt us and we become things we are not,

Like druggies looking for the next fix,

Alcohalics trying to drown our sorrows away,

A bloke trapped in a cubical while yearning to be free,

A single mother trying to get by working two minimum wage jobs just to pay the rent.


We let these harsh words define who we are. 

We become those harsh words, thinking they must be true.

We lash out. Fighting pain with pain. 

We treat others as we have been treated.


We all have insecurities that secetly bring us down.

Our peers scratch at these wounds we have.

They cause it to inflame, to swell, to infect us with these horrible viruses that attack our minds.

We are all wounded beasts that rely on animalistic instincts rather than our rationalistic minds.

We let the success of others limit what we believe we can do and blame them for our failures.

We allow the outside world to change who we fundimentally are on the inside. 

The people who aren't us become the determining factor of who we are. 


What those people don't know is,

The stinky kid has to work a part-time job to help pay the rent and has no money for hot water.

The obese girl starves herself to try to drop weight.

The stupid kid studies for hours just to get D's.

The lesbian failed to meet her parents expectations and was kicked out.

The perfect jock never meets his parents expectations.

The quiet girl in the corner was abused as a child.


We need to reach a point in time where everyone is who they want to be.

Where no one is defined by another person.

Where society help us be who we are and not perfect pin-ups on TV or in a magazine. 

We need to limit our our harmful words.

To change our priorities.

To promote free expression and not conformity.

To let children be children, not minature adults.

We need to not let those names drag us down. 


We are all beautiful butterflies waiting to break free from our cocoons. 


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