Bad luck drowns my sorrow in a puddle of devouring monsters in the light of Death, 

Shadows bring the blood within my soul down to the Earth of the forgotten. 

Fear crept on my spine, causing the winter to feel warm across the shedding of the Lion's tears, 

The clouds hide my mask as I hide my silent tongue in the garden of truth. 

Colorless and speechless, my eyes disband the trail to the broken image of my past, 

Dancing devils fill my dreams, as my puddle turns into a stream of all of my devious schemes. 

My scars scream more words than the blade that cuts my paper skin, 

I sing to the broken mirror as a phantom replaces the bloodlust of life that we wish we had. 

A wise owl hides his brain within the night of the fallen moon, 

Clouds and galaxy match DNA to cause superstitions and fear that disturb the unnoticeable and break the rebellious soul of the undarable priest. 

Hail came pouring down until every single one of my rotten bones tore away from my flesh, 

Howling spoke to the moon fiercely, the glass figurines created the moon, the clouds hug the moon, and the endless sky forgot about the moon. 

Creating a Barbie doll created more than 'perfection', it created a barrier, 

Building a barrier breaks a home to the life of inevitable new me. 

Destruction is the fire to ignite my anger, 

Broken, damaged, and invisible, I became a fallen angel. 

Evil and good is balanced on the twins' souls, copy DNA, and ship it to the Devil, 

Bittersweet candy kills my eyes as sugar melts my blood into an ocean of black ink corrupting my mind.  

The birth of my fears came crawling under my skin, as I wore a wolf's cloak beneath my shower of sheep. 

Too scared to breathe. being struck by the clock and watched by lightning. 

Winds break my fall, as I swim in the sky, letting my feet remain on the ground. 

Sharp nails scratching the blackboard screen in my ear, beckoning me to return to reality to exit my mind of foolishness.  

Break the record, pause my tongue across the teeth that savor the sweet and sour lies being injected into the heart of poison. 

The melting singer held the harp that sung to my soul, under the stars, above the ground, and in between my lust of sleeping, soon lost its mind under the castle of Darkness. 

Spinning and falling, laughing and crashing, I still continue to stand and fight my demons, but my true enemy is myself. 

Sharp knives fill my arms with the lust of dying, the need for crying, and the hidden lies of smiling. 

My past scarred me more than the atoms in my vein transporting blood to the surface by my once feared competitor. 

Fear is the enemy and cousin of bravery; silence is the vampire that sucks the words into a zipper and locking them forever. 

Madness is my twin, it kept me locked down in a straight jacket before it left me to laugh in my incomplete travels of despair. 

Sobbing in such deadly symphony trapped all of my friends into a trance, to fill my mouth with laughter, but my eyes more pain. 

The more pain I gained, the more I struggled to breathe; and with my asthma, I am practically dying because I am 'living'. 

Sun kills my flesh into the sore of immortality, stabbing my bones into knives that cut me straight to the home of the Dead. 

Blind as a man, foolish as a child, and rude as a bully, I became one with the tornado; I didn't know where I was going, but I was curious. 

Curiosity killed more than I have learned, but learning involves more destruction than loving. 

A golden heart kills a red apple, a golden apple is appealed by a red heart; the fear of losing either one is threatening...but willingly we all lose what we had. 

And willingly...we will do anything in our power to get rid of those caring souls as they entered our path, leaving as a memory, and sooner or later being forgotten, like the wind on a summer day.


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