Not Fun.

Walking down the halls
They laugh.
They cry.
They throw food.
They cry.
They push them into lockers.
They cry.
They pull their underwears,
They cry.

It's painful, it's a sin.
We're all the same,
why are WE different?

I'm gay,
I'm lesbian,
I'm a nerd,
I'm emo,
I'm goth,
I'm quiet,
I'm mistaken.

We're all the same, inside out.
We have the same 
skeleton and heart.


We never did anything to you,
We never wanted this to happen.
We want to escape this pain.
We want to die.

Bullying is not nice.
It's not a hobby it's not a sport.
It's not a religion, it's not and shouldn't be


Think twice before you act, before you speak.
You are responisble for the pain of others
Like it or not.
You are part of it, you are living in it.
Stop it once! Stop it twice!
Make it go away and never let come back as lice.

We are humans, we are a community.
Let's act now...

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