I'm running, but going nowhere.

I need help.

Help me try to get through all these nightmares

that keep racing through my mind.

How long will it last?

Someone, anyone, help me.


I'm searching, but don't see anyone.

I need help.

Noone understands me, noone sees.

This pain is unbearable, 

this trouble so deep.

Does someone, anyone want to help me?


I'm crying, they look right through me.

I need help.

Missing pieces yet to be found..

I'm so incomplete, so broken.

I'm never going to be found, but 

if you hear me... help me!

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Well written, your poem's structure fits well with your theme and conveys desperation very well. I hope that you have now found the help that you seek in this poem. Sometimes, the greatest help comes from within. Sometimes, it arises through the support of others. However, there is always a way out, and I'm sure you will find it soon. :) 

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