The Veil

Thu, 10/09/2014 - 20:53 -- renz511


I hide behind a veil of darkness

Afraid to show who I am

For fear of the repercussions

For fear of the looks

Their sharp eyes

Watching my every move

Waiting for a chance to strike

I hide behind a smile

Masking my discomfort

My sadness, my pain

Being viewed as different

Perhaps even inferior

Cast away to the side

Like an unwanted doll

From behind this veil

I hear their ridicules

Their derogatory remarks

Their sneers and rolling eyes

This veil of darkness

Covering up my flaws

Masking them from judging eyes

I hide behind the veil

Scared and unsure

Afraid of being myself

But through the frayed edges and holes

Of this aging veil

I can see a blinding light

Brighter than the sun

Slowly, carefully

I step out from behind the veil

Into the light

Warm and safe

Where I can be myself

Without the odd looks

No stares and rude remarks

Peering into the screen of my computer

Where I am me





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