Hey, guess what?

Yeah, I have something to tell you, hypocrite.

I'm a human being!

Oh my goodness, did you seriously forget?

Oh no, darling, this is no illusion nor a trick.


I am a human.

Guess what?

You are, too.

Made from the same dust, dirt, and sand I was.

Made from the same magical creator's hand I was.

Or whatever the hell you hypocrites believe in.


And we have something in common, too. 


Love, happiness, depression, sadness.

Yeah, that's right, feelings-- you know, the things we call emotions.

Or does a heart of a hypocrite feel nothing of what the heart of human should?

Heart or none. 

I accept you as one

As an equal to me

To my family

To every hypocrite or non in this dreadful world


Yeah, I do.

No ma'am I don't hate you.

No sir, I won't be rude to you.

Because that's how you do me I won't do unto you.


But guess what? No really guess?

Yes,  you racist.

We endure the same type of life and deaths.

The same heartbreaks

The same backaches

The same hard working souls trying to live in this society

Going against all of us for its own benefit


Yeah, you.


I love the same as you do, homophobe.

I walk the same streets.

Pee the same pee.

Eat the same food.

As you do.

I go to the same school

As your children.


Yet, guess what?

That's not going to change.

By the grace of God 

And every hair on my head

As much as you disgrace, hate, cuss on me.

Picture me as a wound on this already wounded society.

I'm still here.

I'm still surviving.

I won't dare treat you like you treat me.

Hypocrite, racist, homophobe, society...

All those who don't belive in me.

I'm just going to learn to be... Can you guess?





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