Sh*t You Cant Say To Your Teacher


If only they knew , if only i could say..i hate coming to school everyday.

Not because of the lunch, or the switching my class rush.

Neither is it the rules or the squeaky uncomfortable stools.

Nor am I dumb and wish to grow up to be a bum,

I like walking in seeing the teachers ready to teach..but do they know whats bothering me?

Is it easy to see ? or easy to tell? how everyday is a living hell..

How can i express, that im such a mess ?

Everywhere I go im alone, i live in my own little zone.

I get bullid daily, it'll stop one day..i hope, maybe.

I do nothing to them i just stand there, why do they pick on me its just unfair.

i dont say a thing , i dont know what the consequences will bring.

wishing i could blurted out so my teacher could help me out.




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