The Path


I just want to be myself that nobody can change.

Writing down my path and finishing a page.

My life in my own words and drawing out my thought.

Listening to all my peers, but forgetting what I'm taught.

I have to stay myself or else I'll morph into a lie.

Blocking out the useless kids who are only there to pry.

Be the laughing joke of the girls who think their best.

Crying to myself until I forget the rest.

The girl they take advantage of just wants to be alone.

Dispite the light that's in her eyes, the smile that is shown.

A simple girl in this cruel world that only puts her down.

Looking for a new way out before she can be found.

Some try to make her smile, some try to make her laugh.

But through her reckless journey, she finally finds her path.

It leads away from heartache and leads away from pain.

But now you can't see her; you only see her name.


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