I am HE


United States
39° 50' 58.4052" N, 75° 21' 20.6856" W

I rather be called handsome than beautiful
I rather be called he than she
And i rather you say his than hers
Not miss but sir
you don't know how it feels
How it feels to feel this hurt
To wake up everyday to adjust my shirt
I don't want my breast to be shown underneath this shirt
I prefer pants than that skirt
my brain says he but my body says her
squeezing my chest flat underneath this binder
wishing no one reminds him that hes a her
but I'm reminded everyday
about how God made that mistake
And how much money this change will take
How my life seems less real than fake
cause i lie and say I'm happy
knowing I'm hurting inside
cause my life is a lie
I'm no girl I'm a guy


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