Who Says We Must Be?

Tue, 11/12/2013 - 10:43 -- ash4196

We all live contrasting ways.

We alter our ego’s mask in order to

fulfill what we think others want to see.

We all forget what’s most important to tightly grasp;

and we lose our sense of moral pride to a jealous riot.


We all live as we believe others force us to.

We all lack individuality,

we just do what “fits in.”

We pretend nothing hurts when bundles of sharp thorns cut inside;

and cry as we tear off our plastic, grey masks that we’ve created,

to fit in with the others.


We all have picked upon outcasted peers.

We all think it’s acceptable to beat unique pride out of any “outsiders,”

and have laughed and judged for the lacking of this molded face,

as the ones looked down upon quickly drop their mask-less heads.


Who says a mask is meant for fitting in?

That the remnants of our individuality

is not enough to gain approval in this large society?

That it’s not able to glisten beyond this boundary?


When rain pours down on our lives

flooding our beautiful fields, washing all the good away,

What makes humans not realize?

That we all don’t cry?

That we all don’t love?

That we all don’t wish the dark, burdening, rain away?

We all suffer through life’s rumbling thunder,

                                             and enjoy life’s flower filled pastures.

We all see life through equal eyes,

          and desire sunlight to overreach rain.


  We all are guilty of our selfish haze;

                                but who says we must be?



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