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Crying into the night, begging for redemption, only for salvation of her one true god. They told her no, they told her why. She told them yes, and made them regret every lie. The clock strikes twelve, and the knife struck her. Trying to change the path they left her on. They broke her heart and emptied her mind. She didn't know how to speak and she didn't know herself. They taught her the world was there to tear her apart, but they never told the world not to. Like a freeze dried rose, she'd never be the same again. The pieces of her left were stone, what was left of the flesh she had was worn. She became another book in the shelf of tortured souls, her pages left to rot unread. They ignored the whimpers that seeped from it. They were warned, they were told. The way they let her shatter was something she could never let go. They separated the soul from the body, they'll never know how she lost it. But she knew there was only one thing she wanted.


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